How Resize my Bracelet ?

Step by step instruction of how to use the tool to remove links

1. This is the tool. Note that it has two spare push-pins stored in the base (Push-pins is the name of the pins in the tools, used to push the pins that holds the bracelet’s links together).

If a push-pin bent, replace it with one of the spares from the base of the tool. You may need to use plyers to pull the push-pin out. Note that some tools have a push-pin pushed into position, some have it screwed into position. Try and see which type of tool you have.

2.You can see above the link’s pin is a split pin. So, you should identify where the bottom of the link’s pin is.

3.Place the bracelet in the tool, ensuring that the correct side of the holes of the link’s pins are facing the tip of the push-pin.

Gently push the handle to push the pin out. It may be slightly difficult at first, so be patient.

Ensure you hold the bracelet and the tool while pushing, ensuring the bracelet not moving: That will bend the push-pin and you may have to replace it with another push-pin.

4.Once the tip of the link’s pin is out, pull out with fingers or plyers.

5.After repeating the above steps to remove the required amount of links out of the bracelet, join the two edges of the bracelet and place a link’s pin and push with your fingers as deep as you can.

Ensure that the no-split side goes in first.

6.Place the bracelet back in the tool, now ensuring that the holes facing the other way from where they were at step 2.

Push gently the link’s pin until flash with the bracelet.


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